NCI alumni posing at her new internship

City Intern Makes Big Impact

Carrie Denny is making a big impact at the City of Martinsville this summer through her internship in the telecommunications department. This department operates MINet Solutions, a city-owned telephone and internet service provider for local businesses. As an intern, Carrie has helped institute a new invoicing system that is saving time and money for the department.

Her supervisor, Kathy Reed said, “Without Carrie’s help, I would have had to use my own time to accomplish this task. She has been a tremendous asset for us!”

In addition to this project, Carrie’s responsibilities include answering calls, visiting sites for prospective clients, going out on service calls, and checking billing statements.

“I enjoyed setting up the invoice system the most because I love organization. It was such a great feeling to see the reports all balanced. It was almost like solving a puzzle,” shared Carrie.

Carrie is a student at the College of William & Mary, where is majoring in public policy. She plans to graduate in December 2019. She is also a graduate of the Piedmont Governor’s School.