Students enjoying Career Day at NCI and listening to a presenter

College & Career Day Inspires Students

During College and Career Day at New College Institute (NCI), fifth grade students from Patrick Henry Elementary School (PHES) met with ten local professionals to learn about their educational backgrounds and careers. These professionals represented a wide range of experience including the fields of engineering, education, law enforcement, military, and healthcare. Students rotated in small groups, where they were encouraged to ask questions about the professionals’ pathways to their chosen careers.

“The exposure my students received today by visiting with so many professionals from different walks of life is immeasurable. Students were able to engage with these adults and learn what challenges and obstacles they overcame to be in the positions they are today. They learned that these people took different paths to reach their career goals, and that’s ok. You have to find what works for you,” shared Cameron Cooper, principal of Patrick Henry Elementary School.

“I have learned how some people started out and how they accomplished goals in their life. One day, I really want to be a doctor. I know that I will have to go to college and get my degree to accomplish my dream,” said Nyqeriyah Kellam, fifth grade student.

“Today I learned that engineers create parts for cars. I also learned that I should get a degree if I want to run a business one day. I think I want to be a doctor and start my own private practice,” said Christian Lowe, fifth grade student.