Master of Educational Leadership

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Dr. Robin Crowder

Program Director

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The Master’s Degree in Education with a concentration in Educational Leadership is designed to prepare candidates to assume leadership positions both in school and district offices. The organizing theme for the program is the school/district administrator’s central role as the interpreter, facilitator, and initiator of educational change leading to effective schools and increased student achievement for all children.

The educational leader must understand and interpret changes within this context to improve the safety and operation of schools.

In the role of the facilitator, the administrator must be able to effectively implement programs mandated by the school board and support positive changes suggested by students, staff, or parents.

Finally, as the initiator of change, the administrator must lead the process of continuous school improvement.

Already have a Master’s Degree?

You may complete the Leadership Concentration and EDUC 641, Learning Theory and Instructional Models, to complete the Certificate Program in Educational Leadership also offered at New College Institute.

Certificate and Master’s students must also achieve a passing score on the School Leaders Licensure Assessment (SLLA) in order to receive the Department of Education’s endorsement as a PK-12 school administrator