GWO/ART- Hub Rescue


The aim of this module is to enable the participants to perform rescue operations, in a WTG hub, spinner and inside the blade by using industry standard rescue equipment, methods and techniques, exceeding those of GWO Working at Height.

The ART Hub Rescue module includes the following lessons:

  1. Training Introduction
  2. Emergency response plan in own organisation
  3. Measures to prevent injury during training
  4. Head support during rescue
  5. Packaging the injured person
  6. Lowering/raising rescue system
  7. Hub rescue exercise 1 & 2 (from blade)
  8. Hub rescue exercise 3 & 4 (from spinner)
  9. Outside evacuation of injured person


  • In order to complete a GWO Hub Rescue module, participants must:

    • Be WINDA registered before arriving for the course.


    GWO certificate – valid for 2 years


    A good standard of general fitness is required.