GWO/ART- Nacelle, Tower & Basement Rescue


The aim of this module is to enable the participants to perform injured person rescue operations in a WTG nacelle, tower, and basement, by using industry standard rescue equipment, methods, and techniques, exceeding those of GWO work at height.

The Nacelle, Tower and Basement Rescue Module shall ensure that the participants are able to:

  1. Perform:

     a. rescue operations using the casualties personal fall protection on the injured

     b. rescue operations in a WTG nacelle, tower and basement using a handheld lamp

     c. transportation of an injured person horizontally over the length of the turbine

     d. transportation of an injured person to a higher platform using rescue up techniques and equipment (both manual and power-driven)

2. Apply clear communication and guidance to other emergency responders (e.g. vessel or ambulance crew) including coordinating the handover of an injured person (Skills, intermediate level)


  • In order to complete a GWO Nacelle, Tower & Basement Rescue module, participants must:

    • Be WINDA registered before arriving for the course.


    GWO certificate – valid for 2 years


    A good standard of general fitness is required.