GWO Hydraulic

Worker on an offshore wind turbine rig

The aim of the BTT Hydraulic Module is to give the participants the knowledge and skills to carry out basic hydraulic tasks (supervised by an experienced technician), using safe working procedures and the correct PPE.

The BTT Hydraulic module shall ensure that:

  1. Explain the basics of hydraulics (Knowledge, intermediate level)
  2. Explain risks and hazards associated with hydraulic work (Knowledge, intermediate level)
  3. Describe the function of different types of pumps (Knowledge, basic level)
  4. Perform check of start/stop pressure of a pump (Skills, intermediate level)
  5. Describe the function of different types of actuators (Knowledge, basic level)
  6. Explain the function of different types of valves (Knowledge, intermediate level)
  7. Describe the function of accumulators (Knowledge, basic level)
  8. Perform check and pre-charge of accumulators (Skills, intermediate level)
  9. Describe the function of different types of sensors (Knowledge, basic level)
  10. Recognise the components that transfer the oil (Knowledge, basic level)
  11. Describe the handling of oil procedures (Knowledge, basic level)
  12. Recognise and find different components on a hydraulic diagram (Knowledge, basic level)
  13. Perform the accurate measurement of the hydraulic pressure (Skills, intermediate level)


In order to complete a GWO Hydraulic module, participants must:

  • Be WINDA registered before arriving for the course.


GWO certificate – valid for 2 years


A good standard of general fitness is required.