GWO Mechanical

Worker on an offshore wind turbine rig

The aim of this BTT Mechanical Module is to give the participants the knowledge and skills to carry out basic mechanical tasks (supervised by an experienced technician), using safe working procedures and the correct PPE.

The BTT Mechanical module shall ensure that:

  1. Describe the main components, mechanical systems and basic operation of wind turbines (Knowledge, basic level)
  2.  Discuss risks and hazards associated with mechanics (Knowledge, intermediate level)
  3. Explain the principles of bolted and welded connections and their inspection (Knowledge, intermediate level)
  4. Apply manual tightening and measuring tools (Skills, intermediate level)
  5. Recognise the principles of a gearbox (Knowledge, basic level)
  6. Recognise the function of the brake systems (Knowledge, basic level)
  7. Perform inspection of brake systems (Skills, intermediate level)
  8.  Recognise the function of the yaw system and how to inspect it (Knowledge, basic level)
  9. Recognise the function of the cooling system (Knowledge, basic level)
  10. Perform inspection of the cooling system (Skills, intermediate level)
  11. Recognise the function of the lubrication system (Knowledge, basic level)
  12. 12)  Perform inspection of the lubrication system (Skills, intermediate level)


  • In order to complete a GWO Mechanical module, participants must:

    • Be WINDA registered before arriving for the course.


    GWO certificate – valid for 2 years


    A good standard of general fitness is required.