Visitors to NCI observe advanced manufacturing technology presentation

Experts Combine the Best of Academics and Applied Learning at NCI for Local Manufacturers

Local manufacturing experts received five days of specialized training at New College Institute (NCI). NCI and Optimation Technology, Inc. teamed up to develop and provide Eastman employees instruction about best-in-class web handling techniques involved in performance film manufacturing. “The class really helps us diagnosis issues and identify defects,” said Paul Miller, a manager at Eastman.

Ralph Schultz, NCI’s Coordinator of Performance Film and Kevin Cole, Senior Web Handling Development Engineer at Optimation Technology, instructed the workshop. NCI’s academic coater is a unique and specially designed piece of equipment that incorporates several performance film techniques and plays a critical role in the training by allowing participants to apply what they learn and experience firsthand how the instruction relates to their day-to-day work.

Thirty percent of the world’s coated and dyed film is produced in Martinsville and Henry County. According to both instructors, to stay competitive, companies need to meet the demand for new challenges that include thinner, wider, and more delicate products. NCI’s Center for Advanced Manufacturing provides support to regional industry partners by offering classes and teaching platforms to optimize production.