NCI students studying at their computer

Five Strategic Advantages of NCI’s Model

NCI’s model builds upon partnerships, technology, and efficiency to deliver an educational model that is relevant to the needs of employers and prospective students. Here are five advantages to our model in meeting those needs:

  1. Location
    Our location represents under-served populations with decreased access to higher education. The people who need us most are right outside our doors. In order to make the Commonwealth a stronger state for business, we need to make an effort to provide equitable and customized programs to meet regional needs first. Then, NCI may use its location to serve areas into North Carolina, the Southeast, and beyond through the use of technology.
  2. Responsiveness
    Our programming is designed to accommodate the needs of employers. Producing students to fill vacant jobs is one of our utmost priorities. Offering only academic programs in high-demand career fields allows NCI to specialize our efforts to meet the needs of the future job market.
  3. Existing & Developing Partnerships
    Unlike traditional higher education, NCI has limited bureaucracy allowing us to be nimble and speedy in our development of academic programming. When an employer identifies a need, we immediately work to create solutions.
  4.  Technology Assets
    Even when a physical presence is not possible or even needed, NCI can still provide quality educational experiences through the use of state-of-the-art classroom technology. Such technology has the power to reduce distance and link students all around the world with instruction from our campus. Our technology eliminates barriers for learners with jobs, families, & other life commitments.
  5.  Affordability: High-Quality, Low-Cost Bachelor’s Degree
    The NCI model is cost-effective, building upon the affordable foundational level of the Virginia Community College System, and working with the state, institutional partners, and private funders to enhance access to financial aid options for every student who chooses to attend NCI.