Visitors to NCI observe the Center of Advanced Manufacturing equipment

Innovative Approach to Engineering and Advanced Manufacturing for Southern VA

The Center for Advanced Manufacturing will provide advanced levels of hands-on, innovative education, access to state-of-the-art equipment and technology, enable design, prototyping and testing capabilities for students and industry partners in order to meet the regional and statewide skills gaps in engineering and manufacturing.

The Virginia Labor Market Information reports that there are 6,765 manufacturing job openings as of October 25, 2017. The Virginia Department of Education states that the “expected job growth in manufacturing jobs” is 10% by 2020. For engineering, it is also projected that there will be an increase of 7% for mechanical engineering positions through 2024 within Virginia.

Feedback gathered from industry-specific regional roundtables demonstrated that employers find it difficult to fill engineering positions and have a significant need for professional development and training. Like other industries, advanced manufacturing is facing the “silver tsunami” or the aging baby boomer generation exit. According to the National Association
of Manufacturers, the industry will need 3.5 million more factory workers over and above what exists today. Research shows that 27 percent of manufacturing workers are currently over the age of 55.

New College Institute’s Center of Advanced Manufacturing serves the community by providing technology education, manufacturing training, and consulting services that contribute to continuous workforce development, technology development, and business success. Our technology experts, innovative solutions, and low cost–recovery pricing help companies compete in changing markets and the global economy.

How are we going to do it?

Increase the number of individuals pursuing postsecondary education in advanced manufacturing and engineering fields.

  • Offer a Capstone Experience for Precision Machining advanced level certification through VCCS partnerships.
  • Partner with Patrick Henry Community College to offer the hands-on portion of learning for the Center for Advanced Film Manufacturing program.

Increase professional development opportunities in advanced manufacturing and engineering through credit and non-credit programs and workshops.

  • Offer workshops in Performance Film Manufacturing with Optimation, Inc.
  • Provide training for NIMS Level 2 and Level 3 credentialing.
  • Offer an Advanced Manufacturing Employability Workshop through Manufacturing Skills Institute.
  • Offer LEAN Manufacturing, Six Sigma Certification.

Develop and establish a Prototyping Lab to enable regional and statewide industries access to design, prototype, test, and receive training on equipment and processes.

Increase the appeal of advanced manufacturing and engineering career fields through outreach initiatives.

NCI is an educational partner and resource for program development and delivery for engineering and advanced manufacturing training. We will also act as a resource for employers, entrepreneurs, and individuals seeking to design or test ideas and products.

By providing a variety of educational opportunities, NCI will also be an active partner in increasing the number of qualified employees to meet the job demands that we are facing in the future. The ultimate success would be that our regional and statewide industry partners are able to fill the currently vacant positions or created positions for skilled and highly skilled employees.