NCI alumni posing at her new job

Learning the Books at Bassett Furniture

This summer, Hannah Huls is getting behind-the-scenes experience for a national furniture retailer — right here in Henry County! Though you often see Bassett Furniture products on HGTV and other national platforms, their headquarters remain here in Bassett, VA. Over the years, Bassett Furniture has hosted many interns through New College Institute — even hiring some of those interns for full-time roles.

“We always like to get students involved in the company and create positive learning experiences for them. We also encourage these students to come back to live and work in Martinsville-Henry County after graduating from college,” said Dru Ingram, Corporate Controller at Bassett Furniture and Hannah’s supervisor for the summer.

Hannah’s experience this summer has primarily revolved around financial reporting and retail operations projects. For her, the experience has helped confirm that she is headed on the right path in pursuing a career in accounting.

“This internship has given me more insight into the daily life of accountants. I’ve completed various assignments in school, but it is very different when applied in a real-world setting,” shared Hannah.

Hannah is a student of North Carolina Wesleyan College, where she also plays volleyball. She will graduate in May 2019. Hannah previously graduated from Bassett High School and Patrick Henry Community College.