Wendell Scott Foundation

NCI Announces Partnership With The Wendell Scott Foundation

Today, the New College Institute (NCI) and the Wendell Scott Foundation announced an exciting partnership for K-12 engagement with students throughout the Southside Virginia Region.  At a meeting of the Board of Directors of NCI, Executive Director Joe Sumner and Wendell Scott’s grandson and CEO of the foundation executed a memorandum of understanding whereby they will partner in developing comprehensive educational opportunities for young men and women who attend public schools in the region, with NCI hosting the foundations STEM programs, youth mentorships, and summer camps throughout the year.    Both NCI and The Wendell Scott Foundation will work collaboratively to expand their abilities and resources to the greatest advantage in service to the educational needs of the citizens of Virginia.  The Foundation will operate out of NCI’s Baldwin Building, and will hold their summer camps, Legacy Leaders, Steer Into STEM and Camp Cultivation programs at the NCI main campus, beginning in the summer of 2023.

The New College Institute is a state-funded educational entity that provides access to degree programs (bachelor, master, and doctorate) through our partnerships with VA colleges and universities.  NCI strives to be accessible and convenient for students of all ages.  Our staff, faculty, and board members are all committed to making NCI a premier educational facility for students, businesses, and the community at large.  In addition to college-level degree and certification programs, NCI offers experiential learning opportunities such as the NCI Internship Program and regional cybersecurity and engineering competitions. Additional programs such as NCI’s summer camps, LIFE (Learning Is ForEver), and financial aid resource events encourage and promote continued education throughout the Martinsville-Henry County region.

The Wendell Scott Foundation is a national, not for profit 501c3 established to commemorate the memory of the first African-American race car driver to win the Grand National, NASCAR’s highest level, Wendell Scott. The Foundation regularly addresses the need to expose youth to STEM-based educational opportunities and cultural enrichment activities that historically have not been assessed in under-served communities. The Wendell Scott Foundation has provided mentoring, job skill training, educational opportunities as well as supportive services, that rely on applications of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (“STEM”) to at-risk, under-served youths between the ages of 8 – 18 years of age.  The Foundation also serves as the primary sponsor for the #24 race car of Rajah Caruth, an African-American race car driver who drives full time in the NASCAR® Craftsman Truck Series for GMS Racing.

Virginia state Senator Bill Stanley, Chairman of the NCI Board of Directors made the following statement on today’s announcement: “The Board of Directors and I are thrilled about this new partnership with the Wendell Scott Foundation.  Our mission to provide new and innovative educational and job training opportunities to the citizens of our region meshes perfectly with the efforts of the Foundation. This partnership will focus on an aggressive K-12 public school outreach and engagement program that will offer new opportunities for our local youth to get the job training and education that they need to be successful in the 21st Century economy in Southside, Virginia.  Wendell Scott is an American hero, and we are proud to associate his name and greatness to the mission here at New College.”

Joe Sumner, Executive Director of The New College Institute, said: “ NCI is proud to partner with the Wendell Scott Foundation to honor and continue a legacy of innovation, hard work, and commitment, as we work together towards our shared goals of providing support, resources, and opportunities for our local K-12  students. I am excited to have Warrick and his team here with us in Martinsville, and we are eager to explore the many possibilities and opportunities that such an incredible partnership brings to our community.”

Warrick Scott, CEO of The Wendell Scott Foundation made the following statement: “We are excited to partner with NCI for this new opportunity. The Wendell Scott Foundation remains steadfast in its dedication to providing students with transformational STEM education and cultural enrichment opportunities. In addition, a chance to work in a wonderful community like Martinsville and Henry County is one-of-a-kind opportunity. We are grateful for the position of sharing the diverse heroism of Wendell Scott’s legacy to enhance further the K-12 educational landscape for the students we serve.”


For more information about the Wendell Scott Foundation, please visit their website: www.wendellscott.org .