Graphic for telehealth of doctor using technology to study image of a human brain

NCI Experiences Exponential Growth in Demand for Telemedicine-Related Training

As the global community seeks to quickly deliver more health services virtually, the telehealth course completion rate at New College Institute’s Southside Telehealth Training Academy and Resource Center (NCI STAR Telehealth) has increased more than 100% over the past six months. NCI’s STAR Telehealth program has trained participants from 40 states and countries, as the global healthcare community embraces telehealth as a viable and highly-effective platform for patient care.

The NCI STAR Telehealth program mirrors the rapid growth of the global telehealth market. Kaiser Health News reports that the Cleveland Clinic alone logged more than 60,000 telehealth visits during the month of March. Prior to the pandemic, monthly virtual visits averaged 3,400. The industry is expected to reach around $40 billion this year.

“Telehealth takes on a much greater significance as a way to safely deliver healthcare as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Karen Jackson, Interim Executive Director at NCI. “NCI is proud to be on the front lines of providing telehealth training as COVID-19 forces us to adapt our healthcare systems and create new job opportunities.”

NCI telehealth participants gain knowledge and skills on the use of video-conferencing technologies in the clinical setting skills and remote patient monitoring in the home setting. The telehealth program helps participating physicians, nurses, paramedics, social workers, licensed professional counselors, IT specialists, and health care administrators redesign their practices to successfully provide telehealth services to their patients. The program also enables participants to increase their knowledge about telemental health, spanning multiple mental health disciplines.

After successfully completing each course, participants receive a certificate of completion, demonstrating proficiency in the use of standards-based technology and protocols, and have the skills and abilities to apply telehealth to the needs of their patients and communities. Continuing Education Units and accreditation are also offered depending on the course.

This is the beginning of an exciting new era for telemedicine and telemedicine training,” said John Maxwell, Coordinator of Health and Human Services at NCI. “NCI is excited to have the opportunity to provide essential training during this transformative time, and to support the adoption and expansion of telehealth into mainstream medical practice.”

For more information on news related to NCI or its STAR telehealth program please visit the NCI website (, STAR Telehealth website ( or contact John Maxwell at, NCI’s Coordinator of Health and Human Services.