Future teachers listen to presentation at NCI

NCI Invests in Career Success for Regional Teachers

In addition to a college degree, Virginia (along with all other states) also requires potential teachers to obtain passing scores on multiple Praxis tests before issuing a Virginia teaching license. New College Institute (NCI) offered a Praxis Boot Camp for four of the most common Praxis tests. The boot camp was free for all current and previous New College Students.

“Each and every student who enrolls in an academic program at NCI is making an investment. We, in turn, invest in each of our students. We are committed to eliminating every barrier to their success including providing affordable, high-quality learning opportunities,” added Melany Stowe, NCI Assistant Director of Academics and Communications.

“I have taken the Praxis test before, and I was unsuccessful. The tutoring resources that Longwood at NCI offers are really helping me. Today’s boot camp laid a good foundation of all the concepts on which we will be tested,” said Lauren Wood, Longwood at NCI student. Wood plans to graduate in December 2019.

The boot camp featured local experts as instructors and was designed for anyone preparing to take the Praxis I math or Praxis II (math, science or social studies) tests in order to complete their Virginia teaching licensure requirements.

“You will not find this type of tutoring anywhere else — and especially not for free. Services such as these make the Longwood at NCI program not only affordable, but also personalized to each of our students so that they can be successful,” said Dr. Pam Randall, Longwood Faculty and Program Director.

“This boot camp was very helpful because my math skills are a little weak. The instructor made the material easier for me to comprehend. We need more resources like this for educators because the Praxis tests are difficult,” said Della Morrison.

The Longwood at NCI program offers students the ability to earn their degree in elementary education or middle school education. Classes are taught on-site in the evenings, which allows students to have a flexible schedule. If you are interested in learning more about this program, contact Dr. Pam Randall at randallpp@longwood.edu or (276) 403–5626.