Sovah Health Team meet for presentation in Martin-Lacy Lecture Hall

NCI & Sovah Health Team Up for Community Education

Did you know that skin cancer is the most common of all types of cancer? With cases of melanoma on the rise, Sovah Health-Martinsville and New College Institute (NCI) are working together to educate the community on prevention and risk factors to consider.

As part of the LIFE (Learning is ForEver) series, Sovah and NCI presented Melanoma Monday on May 21, 2018. During this presentation, Mandi Bartlett, Nurse Practioner at the Ravenal Cancer Center, shared a wealth of information about the various types of skin cancer, including how to detect warning signs and proper prevention methods.

After being diagnosed with melanoma herself, Bartlett has developed a passion for educating others on the dangers of exposure to sunlight and artificial tanning.

After Bartlett’s presentation, Sovah Health offered free screenings to all those in attendance. Michelle Hamdy, Nurse Practitioner at Hamdy Medical Center, provided quick skin-checks for atypical moles and problem areas.

Participants agreed that the information and screenings were helpful. One attendee, Tammy Salyer, shared that she did not realize that she should be mindful of noticing changes in the shape or size of her freckles. “I will start being more careful to notice and report any changes that I see to my primary care doctor,” said Salyer.