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NCI to Celebrate Distinguished Teachers, Graduates, Partner Program Completers

NCI to Celebrate Distinguished Teachers, Graduates, Partner Program Completers

Martinsville, VA – New College Institute and the New College Foundation will host an evening of celebration to recognize recent program completers as well as Distinguished Teacher Award recipients. The event will take place on Monday, April 25 beginning at 5pm at the New College Institute Baldwin Building Lecture Hall.

The community is encouraged to attend a joint educational presentation by the most recent recipients of the Lula White Johnson Distinguished Teaching Award, Mrs. Jenny Whittaker and Dr. Pamela Randall beginning at 5:00 pm. The topic of their talk will be “Seeing Math: teaching children math through a conceptual, procedural, and application framework.” Whittaker is an adjunct faculty member at Longwood University, teaching math for education majors at New College Institute. Randall is an Assistant Professor and Coordinator of Education Programs at NCI.

Kevin DeKoninck, Executive Director at New College Foundation remarked, “Jenny Whittaker and Dr. Randall represent excellence in education, the very thing the Lula White Johnson Endowment wants to recognize. I’m looking forward to hearing what these scholars have to share.”

To learn more about the Lula White Johnson Distinguished Teacher Award, visit

“NCI is honored to celebrate the accomplishments of graduates and program completers from NCI partnerships and programs. This celebration would not have been possible without the support of educators such as Dr. Randall, Janie Brazier, Jenny Whittaker and so many others. With additional praise and recognition from Kevin Dekoninck and the New College Foundation – through its Distinguished Teacher Award – it is truly an evening to celebrate,” Karen Jackson, Interim Executive Director at NCI

Following the teacher presentation Longwood University will recognize the recent graduates from their Social Work Program.

“Celebrating the hard work and dedication of our Longwood University at NCI Social Work students who have earned their bachelor’s degree!” shared Janie Brazier, Assistant Professor and Program Coordinator for Social Work at Longwood University. “The partnership with Patrick & Henry and New College Institute allows students, many of whom are post-traditional, to complete their associate degree and bachelor’s degree here at home. And allows them the opportunity to work in their hometown in the profession that they love!”

Finally, at 7pm the community is invited to continue the celebration as NCI recognizes the recent graduates and program completers from all nine partner programs.

“We are excited to celebrate and recognize our December 2021 graduates from the Longwood University College of Education, Health, and Human Services,” said Dr. Pamela Randall, Longwood University, College of Education and Human Services. “The students successfully completed their Elementary Education degrees (with full licensure) and are all working in our local and surrounding school systems. The partnership with Patrick & Henry and New College Institute allows students, many of whom are post-traditional, to complete their associate degree and bachelor’s degree here at home.”

NCI Partner Program Graduates and Completers included the following:

2020 – 2022 Longwood University Elementary Education Graduates were Casey Favor, Tara Williams, Olivia Jones, Allison Pace, Amy Patterson, Austin Turner, Emily Martin, Jarrett Mays, Kaisey Campbell, Kelli Floyd, Caitlyn Cockram, Morgan Norman, Ryan Orton, Taylor Conklin, Betty Hairston, and Meghan Marlowe.​

2020 – 2022 Longwood University Bachelor of Science in Social Work Graduates include  Kimberly Adkins, Theresa Burton, Tara Hamlet, Tonia Jordan, Robin Wells, Anita White, Lester Bullard, Sharon Dennis, Kelsey Letchworth, Lauren Taylor, Jocelyn Aparicio Garcia, Tokesha Lee, Valerie Shough, and Whitney Sligh.

2021 – 2022 GWO Wind Training Program: John Blumenstein, Trevor Martin, Rema McManus, Trent Nylander, Osam Alashmeli, Evan Kissel, Josh Poindexter, Clifford House, Christian Keeler, Daryn Troy, Anthony Andrade, Juan Arellano, Clayton Eason, Jake Hayes, Fausto Ramirez, Jose Ramirez, William Schoolfied, Tony Gonzalez, George Griese, Joshua Bishop, Devin Holombo, Richard Crocker, Oliver Gee, Katie Bemis, Derric Dailey, Dominic Sebilla, and Aaron Laskie.

2021 – 2022 AWS re/Start Program Completers were Priyanka Agarwal, Jawad Ahmed, Nasir Ahmed, John Armstrong, Saadeddin Awamleh, Ahmad Bagrami, Shweta Baid, Bryan Berg, Yukta Gupta, Yonatan Haile, Mohanad Khalaf, Roger Kidd, Salih Kocamis, Fatine Mamouni, Wendy McCoy, Yordanos Mekonen, Bisrat Mekonnen, Kenneth Ndula, Donovan Pearson, Namratha Ramachandra, Ankita Rathod, Nathaniel Rose, Abdul Samad Sahil, Priya Saxena, Musa Siddique, Lera Stephens, Andrea Sur, Daniel Tadesse, Tarik Adane, Carmen Atkins, Gaurav Bhasin, Nikodimos Biru, Sherie Chandler, Menaka Damodaran, Justin Eagleston, Etsegenet Engeda, Athina Johnson, Niraj Khatiwada, Nebiat Kindya, Erin Leitold, Larry Martin, Siamak Salavati, Surya Sankaranarayanan, Umamageswari Sivaprakasam, Larissa Tchani, Frezer Tesfaye, Harshitha Vanguru, and Belinda White.

2019 – 2022, Radford IMPACT Program Completers were David Vogel, Justin Adams, Cameron Tatum, Jeff Webb, Chris Balderson, Greg Borenstein, Christian Keeler, Tim Briggs, Kimberly Cottrell, Marsha Roark, Michael Williams, and Donna Hicks.

2022 Bluefield University Master of Arts in Counselor Education Graduates included Joel Bunn, Pennie Hartley, Kimberly Pack, Jennifer Sarver, and Crystal Taylor.

2021 – 2022 Virginia Tech Educational Leadership Doctoral Program Graduates from the Martinsville/Roanoke Doctoral Cohort were Susan Badger, Miranda Ball, Judy Cox, Corey Fobare, James Nycum, Cynthia Tarpley, Joshua Bocock, Renee Brown, Lori Davis, Ajamu Dixon, and Angilee Downing.

“NCI is honored to celebrate the achievements of these outstanding graduates, program completers, and dedicated faculty members” said Karen Jackson, NCI Interim Executive Director.  “We thank you for letting all of us be part of your journey.”

“We are excited to celebrate student success at New College Institute and the great work and commitment of faculty. We are proud of the students for their hard work and resilience. Despite the pandemic they pushed through to the finish line! We are also grateful to outstanding faculty for their commitment to student’s success. Together we are having an empowering impact!” shared Margaret Omwenga, NCI Chief Program Officer.

The NCI Celebration is open to the public and members of the community are encouraged to attend any portion or all of the event on Monday, April 25 beginning at 5pm with the Distinguished Teacher Presentation, followed at 6pm by Longwood Social Work Graduate Recognition and at 7:00 for the NCI Program and Partner Program Graduates and Completers Celebration.