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NCI to Offer Virtual Health Science Career Training Program in Medical Billing and Coding

NCI to Offer Virtual Health Science Career Training Program in Medical Billing and Coding

Martinsville, VA – New College Institute (NCI) today announced the launch of a new health sciences credentialing program in medical billing and coding.   The seven month, virtual program that begins May 9th prepares students with the knowledge and skills to become a Certified Billing and Coding Specialist (CBCS) through the National Healthcare Association (NHA) and prepares them to become employed as medical biller and coders working in hospitals, insurance companies, physician billing offices, home health agencies, and other healthcare facilities.

Students will gain knowledge in the fundamentals of medical terminology, coding, legal and ethical issues in healthcare, communication and reporting, and computer software applications. Students will also gain the skills necessary to analyze health data and transcribe diagnostic and procedural terms and services into a coded form for analysis and billing.

The COVID-19 pandemic coupled with an aging American population has exacerbated the health science workforce challenges not only in patient care, but also in support functions such as medical billing and coding.  While a college degree is needed to qualify for many front-line  jobs in the industry, office support roles, such as credentialed medical billing and coding specialists are growing at a rate of over 20% a year, with many offering remote work options.

“NCI is excited to be offering the medical billing and coding program in a virtual format” said Karen Jackson, NCI’s Interim Executive Director.  “Since beginning our work with the Claude Moore Charitable Foundation, the George Mason University Center for the Health Workforce, and partners across Southern Virginia to build a vibrant health sciences career pathway, it has become clear that the need for clinical support occupations is escalating and transcends geographic boundaries hence our decision to offer the program virtually.   We look forward to supporting  students from across Virginia and beyond.”

For more information on the NCI Medical Billing and Coding program, visit or contact Margaret Omwenga