Image of student at NCI's Testing Center

NCI’s Testing Center Saves Time & Money

Nisamar Sechrist Barrera is a student in the Longwood University at New College Institute elementary education degree program. Nisamar was able to save time and money by taking the Spanish Language CLEP exam at NCI in lieu of taking a 200 level Spanish course for an entire semester.

Located in King Hall, NCI’s Testing Center provides proctoring for standardized tests that may result in college credit and/or industry credentials.

The center has been approved to offer CLEP testing. CLEP exams help students get college credit for what they already know, for a fraction of the cost of a college course. CLEP offers 33 exams that cover what’s taught in introductory college courses. Most colleges award credit for qualifying scores, saving students time and money toward their degrees.

“I am so glad this became available and perfect timing too! It saved me money for the course, the registration fee, and a trip to Roanoke. Take advantage of this opportunity if you can,” said Nisamar Sechrist Barrera.

Beginning in April, NCI will offer the Pearson VUE suite of tests. Pearson VUE offers more than 450 certification and licensure tests, including the Virginia Communication and Literacy Assessment (VCLA) which is required for teacher licensure in Virginia.

NCI is working with other testing partners to bring other testing programs later this year.