Presenter speaking at conference in Baldwin Building

New College: A Model for Transforming Rural Virginia

Amid the adverse, there remains hope and resilience to restore the community’s ability to thrive once again. We at New College Institute (NCI) advocate that education is the vehicle to prosperity.

The New College name represents our ideal: to constantly seek NEW ways to approach challenges, to look for NEW ways to partner, and to provide access to NEW programs or credentials. This NEW way of thinking will be the key to unlocking potential for growth in our region and beyond.

We commit to working toward a bold and focused vision to be the premier center for higher learning that provides responsive and adaptive programs decidedly aligned with the needs and goals of existing and prospective industries within the Commonwealth. With a focus on the Southern Virginia region and a reach that extends across the entire Commonwealth,

NCI will be a critical partner to:
– Retain existing industry and enable their growth,
– Attract new high-tech industry in targeted sectors, and
– Build regional capital to teach, learn, and develop solutions.

The NCI model is essential. Beyond the bureaucracy of traditional higher education institutions and educational systems, NCI is the entity that can facilitate collaboration and work to address existing needs as well as prepare for future needs.

NCI will focus on providing educational programs and hands-on learning experiences in four core academic and economic sectors:
– Engineering and Advanced Manufacturing
– Technology and Cyber Security
– Health and Human Services
– Education and Community Leadership

With the support of our partners and stakeholders, NCI seeks to change the headlines about our region. Instead of being known for challenges in rural America, we believe we can become a hub for the solutions for returning to economic vibrancy.

NCI is armed with great regional knowledge and lessons learned over the past 11 years that will propel our efforts moving forward. We have seen what works and what does not. We can use our localized expertise to make a difference, which will have rippling effects outside our region to the Commonwealth and beyond.

We appreciate both your support and your confidence in our organization to accomplish these lofty goals. We pledge our dedication and relentlessness to operate with efficiency, effectiveness, and equity.