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New College Institute’s Summer Camp Showcase Expo: A Resounding Success

July 5, 2023 – New College Institute (NCI) proudly presented its highly anticipated Summer Camp Showcase Expo on June 29, 2023. The event, held at the NCI campus, brought together young minds, parents, and the community to celebrate the culmination of an enriching summer camp program.

The Summer Camp Showcase Expo provided an opportunity for camp participants to showcase their newfound skills, knowledge, and creativity. The event showcased a diverse range of camps, including STEM, robotics, and leadership development.

Throughout the event, attendees were treated to an impressive array of interactive displays and insightful presentations. The young campers demonstrated their achievements and shared their experiences with enthusiasm and pride.

“NCI is proud of our students who participated in three summer camps related to Java coding & robotics, engineering design and sustainable ecosystems created in Minecraft over the last three weeks. It was truly gratifying to see the excitement among the students to show off their creations to their parents and friends during our Showcase & Expo last night,” said Dr. Susheela Shanta, Coordinator of K12 Programs of New College Institute. “Students who never had an opportunity with computing before had the best time and as one parent said, they ‘never knew that my child could do something like that’ .”

“As an educator, I am thrilled that we could host over 45 students these three weeks to provide them meaningful and fun learning opportunities during their summer,” added Dr. Shanta.

The Summer Camp Showcase Expo also included engaging activities and workshops for attendees of all ages. Visitors had the opportunity to explore hands-on science experiments, engage in artistic endeavors, and receive their own STEM kit. The event aimed to promote a love for learning and encourage lifelong curiosity.

Attendees were also treated to a variety of delicious food options from local vendors. Bahama Snow shack offered refreshing shaved ice treats in a multitude of flavors, while Triple Dog Dare Ya Hot Dogs served up mouthwatering hot dogs with a selection of toppings to satisfy everyone’s taste buds.

New College Institute looks forward to building on the success of the Summer Camp Showcase Expo and continuing to provide impactful educational experiences for the community. The organization remains committed to fostering a passion for learning, promoting creativity, and preparing the next generation for future success.

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