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New College: A Model for Transforming Rural Virginia

Amid the adverse, there remains hope and resilience to restore the community’s ability to thrive once again. We at New College Institute (NCI) advocate that education is the vehicle to prosperity.

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Advanced Manufacturing

Related Technical Instruction Advance Manufacturing Machine Operator

The VMA Registered Apprenticeship Program partners with local and national employers to develop tailored programs that result in your desired workforce outcome. MSI partners with employers throughout the country to provide a variety of apprenticeship programs in various industries, ranging from cyber to electric power generation, transmission, and distribution to transportation and skilled trades.
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A Manufacturing Technician operates precision machinery, systems, and processes. Typical skills expected in these positions usually include: CAD skills, computer controlled machine programming, precision measurement, process and machine trouble-shooting, problem-solving, machine maintenance and proficient use of diagnostic and statistical tools. Manufacturing Technicians have enough broad-based knowledge about a multi-step process to successfully troubleshoot and solve problems beyond the scope of typical “machine operators.”

RTI Advanced Machine Operator runs September 29- December 16.  Apply TODAY!