African American Art Engages LIFE-Learning Is ForEver Participants

Attendees at New College Institute’s LIFE-Learning Is ForEver program celebrated Black History Month by viewing and discussing African-American art from 1893 to 2015.

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LIFE: A Day In the Life- What’s It All About?

What is it all about?

This assemblage / sculpture located in the Piedmont Arts Art Garden is a collection of icons that Artist Mark Wright will bring to life, explaining the meaning behind each piece that makes up this work of art.

Presented by Mark Wright, Studio Artist in visual and musical arts.

LIFE: Photography

Discover the history and modern applications of photography.

A fascinating coverage of the history of photography, including:

  • The care and handling of old and new photos
  • The restoration of photos with examples
  • The state of digital printing
  • Digital cameras
  • Storage of files
  • A comparison of film to digital
  • Discussion about Photoshop

Presented by Bill Heroy, owner of Old Photo Specialists.