New Year & New Programs at New College

New degree and certificate programs are underway and being developed for the new academic year at New College. Additional opportunities in the areas of engineering, integrated science and technology, cyber defense, information technology, education, counseling, and healthcare are being added for students.

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Summer Learning Looks Like Fun at NCI

Middle school students wrapped up a week of learning at New College Institute’s Explore Engineering camp. The summer camp, one of several offered by NCI, was designed to help middle school students explore the opportunities, skills, and challenges associated with engineering through a variety of hands-on experiences.

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New College: A Model for Transforming Rural Virginia

Amid the adverse, there remains hope and resilience to restore the community’s ability to thrive once again. We at New College Institute (NCI) advocate that education is the vehicle to prosperity.

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Team Engineering Day

Can your team successfully design the hull of a ship in virtual reality?

For Grades 8 – 11 | Lunch Provided

Experience  hands-on, innovative technologies to explore virtual reality, augmented reality and laser scanning using engineering design principles in this challenge. Students will design a ship hull in virtual reality, create their hull from a laser cutter, and test their design in a towing tank with augmented reality! Explore engineering principles of stability, buoyancy, and function in this exciting workshop employing real-world applications of STEM design modules in advanced manufacturing!

Engineering Week

Did You Know?
-Technologies used in digital shipbuilding such as augmented reality, 3D modeling, and 3D printing have applicability in a wide variety of other industries.
-Newport News Shipbuilding (NNS) has a supply chain of 14 companies from Southern Virginia.

See For Yourself!
-See how 3D modeling and laser scans create new ways to manufacture equipment.
-View how augmented reality can perform underwater maintenance.
-Explore how 3D printed parts are used in sectors throughout Southern Virginia.

Free to attend and open to the public.