LIFE: Year End Celebration

Join us for a end of year celebration!

Please RSVP by 12/2/20.

LIFE: Back in Time & Around the World with Christmas Music

Learn the origins of holiday traditions!

Travel back in time and throughout the world to hear the stories behind some of our most beloved and time-tested Christmas songs. Presented by Peter Marshall.

LIFE: The Power of the Mind

Never discount the power of your thoughts. Your thoughts have a profound effect on your health and healing. Healing your body is not purely physical. Your thoughts can hinder your healing or accelerate your healing. Learn ways to develop and keep a positive mindset.

LIFE:Brain Health

How can you improve your brain health?

Join us in learning the 5 pillars of brain health. Bring your questions!

LIFE: The Importance of Sleep

Improve your sleep habits!

Sleep is not just for beauty… sleep is also vital for healing the body and achieving better health. Learn how quality sleep impacts your brain, hormones, digestive health, obesity, and more. Discover ways to revive healthy sleep patterns.

LIFE: Fraud Watch

Protect your virtual information.

Get tips to spot and avoid scams like identity theft, investment fraud, and holiday scams, as well as ongoing updates from resources like Watchdog Alerts and a scam-tracking map that provides real-time alerts from law enforcement.

LIFE: Uptown Martinsville Architecture & History

Learn about Martinsville’s local history!

Martinsville Henry County Historical Society’s President, Virginia King, will give a presentation of the architecture and history of Uptown Martinsville.

LIFE: Photography

Discover the history and modern applications of photography.

A fascinating coverage of the history of photography, including:

  • The care and handling of old and new photos
  • The restoration of photos with examples
  • The state of digital printing
  • Digital cameras
  • Storage of files
  • A comparison of film to digital
  • Discussion about Photoshop

Presented by Bill Heroy, owner of Old Photo Specialists.


LIFE: Life as an Organ Donor Recipient

Learn more about organ donations!

Learn how organ donations not only change the life of the recipient, but the lives of all involved. Participants will hear first hand experience from a donor recipient and will be able to register to become organ donors.

LIFE: Dementia Friends Champion

Become a Dementia Friends Champion!

This Information Session is an in-person experience run by a Dementia Friends Champion. It is not a formal training. The session has activities and discussion that cover the five key messages everyone should know about dementia. Everyone who attends is asked to do a dementia-friendly action as part of becoming a Dementia Friend, but the choice is yours.

Presented by Glenda Clark, Dementia Friends Champion